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You may wonder why I am qualified to start my own podcast, and if you figure it out, I hope you will let me know. But in all seriousness, while my professional background is marketing, communications, business and journalism, my lifelong dream has been to host a successful radio show. While this may seem self-indulgent, I have decided to follow this dream rather than regret it someday as I lay on my deathbed gazing into the light.


I spent four years as a communications major in college and then earned my MBA while starting a family, the toughest job ever. I have had a successful career in newsrooms, nonprofits, and corporate offices, but the classroom of real life is where I learned the most. That includes the trials and tribulations of daily life, the excitement, hope, and energy we feel on good days, and the fear, sadness and anxiety we feel on the bad days. Much of life also includes the mundane – those conversations that seem to go nowhere, and the time that sometimes feels wasted. In reality, these are the interactions that often teach us so much about ourselves and others, and I value the unique angles of minutiae as well.


So, with the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, why should you choose to listen to ‘I,’ on Life with me as your host? It is because I am a dad but never loved kids until I had two of my own. I am a sports fanatic, but take it too seriously. I run half marathons and run almost daily but don’t consider myself a runner. I am a lover of music, but only played the clarinet for three months. Some days I even love people, and many days I loathe their presence. I have a drink of choice (sometimes it’s a diet soda, other times bourbon), and I have pet peeves that anger me, and also have habits I am sure anger others. I am vulnerable on one day and another day build a wall around myself. I have my moments of quirkiness, stupidity, embarrassment, and sophistication. I am very much like you, the listener, and I want to share our experiences about daily life. At the end of the day, we can celebrate and commiserate because we’re all in this life classroom together.


I believe that time is the most valuable commodity these days, even more than money, because you can never earn back time. So I hope you will join me and my guests during the podcast, because even though I can't give you back the time you're giving me to listen, I do plan to offer engaging, informative and entertaining perspectives through the good, bad and ugly of daily life.

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Enjoy real,
Engaging conversations.

If you enjoy real, engaging conversations that ask all of the questions and provide most of the answers, then the 'I,' On Life podcast is for you.  This podcast explores topics such as, “Why do most pet lovers treat their animals better than humans?,” and “Why do successful, rational people lose themselves and their minds when rooting for their favorite sports team (go Giants!)?” and “Is it ever ok to admit that you are a Nickelback fan?” No politics, no religion. Join the banter, sarcasm and fun as we explore life’s curiosities through weekly interviews and listener input sure to inform, engage and entertain.

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